Remote Sensing CEGI-103

Course Name: Remote Sensing
Course Number: CEGI-103
Category: Distance Learning
Description This course is designed to teach principles and applications of remote sensing at the introductory level. This science, which looks at the Earth from above, has made strides into commonplace use in recent times and the applications are useful to many professions including planners, environmental scientists, real estate, agriculture and many others. At the end of the course, you should understand the basic principles of remote sensing, know how to use software to manipulate image data and perform preliminary interpretation of this data.

Associated Programs
7167 - Geographic Information Systems
Requires the following prerequisite(s):

CEGI-101 - Introduction to Geographic Information Systems
The prerequisite(s) listed above are mandatory for registration. You will be asked to produce proof of qualification on the first day of class
Software required: Students need to purchase software Idrisi Kilimanjaro from Clark Labs in Massachusetts ( A Student Starter version is available for $95 USD. Students can purchase and download their copy online (
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