Introduction to Medical Transcription CEIL-872

Course Name: Introduction to Medical Transcription
Course Number: CEIL-872
Category: Distance Learning
Description The book and practice software create a simulation approach, giving you a working knowledge of the medical reports most commonly used in hospital and ambulatory care settings. Transcribe a variety of reports from inpatient case studies taken from actual medical reports. Organized by body system, reports transcribed include history and physical examination, operative, pathology, radiology, and discharge summary. Numerous accents are heard in the audio files, allowing you to broaden your comprehension of dictated reports.
Notes Required: Windows with a CD drive and audio capabilities (speakers or ear phones). Transcription playback software will be a free download from the Internet (Traditional equipment will be simulated).
Associated Programs
7166 - Medical Transcriptionist
Requires the following prerequisite(s):

CEIL-890 - Medical Terminology
BUSN-333 - Business Culture and Coll. Pract
CEIL-876 - Medical Keyboarding
CEIL-900 - Styles and Practices of Medical Transcription
CEIL-901 - Medical Transcription Fundamentals
The prerequisite(s) listed above are mandatory for registration. You will be asked to produce proof of qualification on the first day of class
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