Project Risk Control and Quality Management CEMG-944

Course Name: Project Risk Control and Quality Management
Course Number: CEMG-944
Category: Distance Learning
Description The management of risk in projects is an organized approach to identifying, analyzing and preparing for likely risk exposure. This course provides you with the basic knowledge to analyze and minimize risks in projects, prepare contingency plans and respond to events by implementing the plans if necessary. Quality management is the process to ensure that the project deliverables satisfy the clients needs. Techniques to plan for and control quality are covered, which in many cases will eliminate or minimize the risks inherent in a project. The material covered builds on the Introductory and Planning/Definition courses and deals with issues in both private and government organizations.
Notes Prerequisite: Introduction to Project Management CEMG-940
Associated Programs
7034 - Effective Project Management
Requires the following prerequisite(s):

CEMG-940 - Introduction to Project Management
The prerequisite(s) listed above are mandatory for registration. You will be asked to produce proof of qualification on the first day of class
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