Practical Applications in Marketing MKTG-221

Course Name: Practical Applications in Marketing
Course Number: MKTG-221
Category: Business
Description In Practical Applications in Marketing, you will acquire skills in analyzing and solving marketing problems.

More specifically, you will develop knowledge of appropriate marketing strategies that effectively take into account external environmental variables, consumer behaviour, marketing research, marketing accounting and finance, and strategic marketing variables. You will also learn the fundamentals of a marketing plan and the role it plays in driving marketing management effectiveness.

This course will use the case study method to help you acquire the know-how you need to be successful. Additionally, you will partake in quizzes, a mid-term exam, a case practice, a marketing plan project and more.

As a result of Practical Applications in Marketing, you will be able to reliably demonstrate the ability to:

•Identify the ways in which trends and developments both within and outside the business and/ or non-business firm affect marketing strategy;
•Analyze marketing problems, opportunities and decisions facing the business and/or non-business firm in today's environment;
•Develop the critical thinking skills necessary to determine the implications of a wide variety of marketing scenarios;
•Formulate and evaluate appropriate strategic responses to a variety of marketing situations facing the firm in today's environment;
•Present and defend recommended marketing strategies in both written and oral form;
•Contribute to the development of a marketing plan.

Notes Required course for the following outside certifications: CIM
Elective course for the following outside certifications: PMAC
Associated Programs
2805 - Business Marketing
2403 - Business Administration - Marketing
7049 - Professional Sales
7106 - Marketing
Requires the following prerequisite(s):

MKTG-116 - Principles of Marketing
Or permission of department
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