Service Planning  SN-403

Course Name: Service Planning
Course Number: SN-403
Category: Child & Family Studies
Description This course introduces the student to Service Planning for a child and family. Key elements will include gathering developmental information, assessing strengths and needs and writing goals and objectives for a child. This course will also examine current issues involved in the assessment of young children and students will learn how to implement one functional assessment tool. Students in this course will learn the essential value of encompassing a family-centred approach when working with families who have a child with exceptional needs. Collaboration with other team members to implement the Service Plan will also be a focus of this course.

Prerequisites: SN-400, SN-401, SN-402
Associated Programs
7060 - Early Childhood Resource Consultant (Special Needs)
Requires the following prerequisite(s):

SN-400 - Exploring Inclusion
SN-401 - Working with Families
SN-402 - Field Practicum 1
The prerequisite(s) listed above are mandatory for registration. You will be asked to produce proof of qualification on the first day of class
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