Business Ethics BUSN-350

Course Name: Business Ethics
Course Number: BUSN-350
Category: Business
Description Business Ethics is a case course that will prepare you to deal with some of the difficult ethical dilemmas that you may encounter in the world of business.

The course is presented from a managerial perspective and it will utilize the stakeholder view of the firm for testing the moral defense of managerial decisions. Throughout the duration of the course you will be exposed to contemporary concepts, theories and perspectives in the field of business ethics. These perspectives will be reinforced through the extensive use of case studies that will present a difficult business situation and place you in the role of decision maker. You will be expected to engage in extensive prior preparation, rigorous analysis, and vigorous defense of stances taken, and actively partake in class discussions.

Other teaching methods will include case study discussions, class participation, tests and a final exam.

This Business Ethics course will train you to confidently:

•Demonstrate a solid understanding of contemporary ethical issues confronting firms in several industries and the influences of such issues on management decision making, managerial behaviour, firm policies and practices;
•Analyze social, ethical, public and global issues from a strategic perspective with respect to the management of the firm;
•Evaluate a range of appropriate responses and management approaches that the firm could embrace in response to the legitimate demands of its stakeholders and to the various pressures emanating from the social, economic, political, legal, technological and global segments of the environment;
•Evaluate the broad question of the legitimacy of the business enterprise as an enduring institution in modern societies;
•Create the appropriate courses of managerial action from analysis of a firm's ethical challenges, utilizing case analysis.
Associated Programs
2405 - Business Administration - Accounting Advanced
2403 - Business Administration - Marketing
7049 - Professional Sales
No Prerequisites required for this course
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