Business Marketing 2805

Program Name Business Marketing
Category Business
Program Number 2805
Description The Business - Marketing program prepares you to be the essential link between an organization and its customer base. You start the offering by learning business basics such as accounting, organizational behaviour, business software, customer service and international business. These topics create a solid foundation for the marketing courses and topics that follow, including:

Marketing theory and case-based problem-solving
Marketing communications (which includes advertising and promotion)
Account management
Sales and service

In addition to classroom theory led by experienced faculty members, the Business - Marketing program makes use of hands-on learning. You will explore the various areas of marketing through case studies, guest lectures, presentations, projects, and computer simulations and technologies.
Admission Domestic Students must be 19 years of age or older to get in to this program. No other requirements are necessary.

International Students should contact our International Office via email at for eligibility.
Notes A minimum C grade and an overall minimum GPA of 2.0 is required for graduation.
Contact Telephone 416-289-5000 EXT 2258
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Elective Courses

In addition to mandatory courses, please select two electives from GNED.
Course Code Course Name
There are no elective courses currently associated with this program.