Advanced Manufacturing and Automation Pre-Operator Level 1 7056

Program Name Advanced Manufacturing and Automation Pre-Operator Level 1
Category Engineering Technology & Applied Science
Program Number 7056
Description Advanced Manufacturing and Automation Pre-Operator Level 1 is common to all 3 streams (Stream A, Stream B, & Stream C). Level 1 provides the basic skill sets required in todays advanced manufacturing environment. Employers require these basic skills to allow employees to work safely, productively and support their manufacturing team members as a value-add contributor. The acquired skill will be used daily in their chosen field.

This micro-credential Program contains the advanced manufacturing industry's highest in-demand skills and competencies presented at a distilled, granular level. These core competencies are selected from the basket of AMAT programming and presented in a modular, stackable, streamed offering.

The skillsets represent the critical skills gap within the Ontario manufacturing sector as record numbers of technically skilled employees are retiring each year with no upskilled workers available to backfill positions.

Admission Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) or Mature Student Status

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Notes To Register: Call Enrollment Services at 416-289-5300

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Mandatory Courses

Please be advised that all 5 courses (AMMC-101, AMMC-102,AMMC-103, AMMC-104, AMMC-105) must be registered into and subsequently taken together, in order to successful complete this program
Course Code Course Name
AMMC-101 Whmis
AMMC-102 Occupational Health And Safety For The Workplace
AMMC-103 Working At Heights
AMMC-104 Computer Aided Design (cad): Solidworks 1
AMMC-105 Blueprint Reading

Elective Courses

Course Code Course Name
There are no elective courses currently associated with this program.