Community Services Management: Professional Practice Skills  7399

Program Name Community Services Management: Professional Practice Skills
Category Community Services
Program Number 7399
Description Program Length: 5 Courses (Total of 210 hours)
Program Learning Outcomes, Course Descriptions and Course Learning Outcomes

Program Description:

The Community Services Management program provides individuals who have prior experience or education within the community services field an opportunity to build on their leadership skills within the sector.
Students will develop skills in leadership, crisis/mental health management, program planning and operations, human resources practices, financial management, marketing and outreach operations, and resource development including fundraising techniques and volunteer management within the community services field in order to prepare students to advance in their career. This program uses a variety of teaching methods and networking with inter-professions in the field so that students can apply their knowledge in community services settings. The final course will consolidate student learning from this program and will involve completing a capstone project with a local community organization.
Upon completion of this program graduates can expect to find positions in community services organizations which can include roles in leadership, coordination or management.

Program Learning Outcomes

1. Apply leadership, teamwork, communication strategies, conflict and relationship management skills and tools, as well as human resources and change management practices to contribute to a positive work environment and to create a strong presence in the community
2. Apply program planning, and operational strategies that promote growth of organizations within the community services sector
3. Apply problem solving techniques that take into account community needs, and the availability and sustainability of resources
4. Manage organizational resources including administration, human resources, financial management, volunteer management and fundraising functions to enhance organizational goals
5. Develop leadership skills to effectively lead staff through change and crisis and have the ability to promote positive mental health care practices in the workplace
Notes Model Route:
CSCE101 (42 hrs): Leadership Development
CSCE102 (42hrs): Human Resources
CSCE103 (42hrs) - Resource Development
CSCE104 (42hrs) - Thriving in Crisis and Change
CSCE105 (42hrs) (Prereq: CSCE101, CSCE102, CSCE103, CSCE104) - Community Services Capstone Project
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Mandatory Courses

Each course will be six weeks each and taught using a flipped course model and delivered online. A zoom call will be scheduled once a week on Saturdays 8:30am for two hours.
Course Code Course Name
CSCE-101 Leadership Development
CSCE-102 Human Resources
CSCE-103 Resource Development
CSCE-104 Thriving In Crisis And Change
CSCE-105 Community Services Capstone Project

Elective Courses

Course Code Course Name
There are no elective courses currently associated with this program.