Sage 50 - (Formerly Simply Accounting) CEIL-855

Course Name: Sage 50 - (Formerly Simply Accounting)
Course Number: CEIL-855
Category: Distance Learning
Description Sage has rebranded its popular business accounting system - Simply Accounting IS NOW Sage 50.

You will gain valuable experience using this widely accepted business software. You will setup all parts of a company's business systems and use those to buy, sell and keep track of inventory and services. In the course you will run a payroll, make miscellaneous payments and keep track of projects. All kinds of reporting will be done. The final outcome of this course will be the ability to use Sage 50 to perform the necessary control and reporting for a small business.

All materials that you need for this course will be provided to you at no additional cost, The online course materials provide textbook coverage of all that you need to work with the software. Simply Accounting educational version of the software good for 14 months is provided to you at no cost. Discussions that allow you to get feedback, help or just expand your understanding are an integral part of your learning. Each year the course is updated to the newest version of the software.

Prerequisite: Knowledge of accounting principles and basic computer knowledge
Associated Programs
7032 - Office Bookkeeping
7361 - Office Assistant - Software Specialist
Prerequisite: Knowledge of accounting principles and basic computer knowledge
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