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You can search by using any of the following criteria:
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  • alphabetical title of course (Advanced Oncology Nursing)
  • course category (Business, Computer Studies, Health Sciences, New Media, etc.)
  • course code (if you know it, such as CESS, CG etc. If you only know part of the code, enter that part.)
  • course term (Winter 2005, Spring/Summer 2005, etc.)
  • program (certificate or diploma, i.e., Animation & Special Effects, Teacher of Adults, Marketing)


This is a list of the areas under which Centennial's Part-time and Online Learning courses are organized (Applied Arts, English, Computer Studies, etc.)

For more information please call 416-289-5207 or email

Add to Cart

Registering at Centennial online is easy. You add your classes to the cart, then proceed to the Checkout. After you choose and before you pay, you can delete courses and/or add more courses.

Beside each available course, there is an "Add" icon. Click this icon and the course will be added to your "Cart". To review your order, go to the "Cart" page, where the course you selected will appear, along with any other courses you have previously added.

To add more courses, click back on the Browse or Search buttons. To remove a course from the cart, click on the Cart button, and then click on the "Delete" box to the right of it. The course will disappear from the Cart. Click on Cart to check anytime what courses you have selected. Your course selection will stay until you quit your Browser, or Checkout.


Once you have finished selecting the course(s) you want, click "Checkout." You will then be prompted to enter your online password. If this is your first time registering online, you won't yet have an online ID. You will be asked to create an online password and fill out a form with your personal information. Your password must be a minimum of 4 characters and a maximum of 8 characters. If you have forgotten your password, please contact our helpdesk at 416-289-5280 or contact our Help Desk

NOTE: Items listed with a RED check mark () are required. We need this minimum information to fulfill your registration. After you create your account, a summary of your registration-along with your credit card and other personal information-will appear. Click on "Continue" to enter your completed registration for processing.

Upon successful submission you will receive a confirmation acknowledging your registration. Within 24 business hours, a confirmation of your course registration will be sent by e-mail, or an explanation of why you are not confirmed.

You will also receive through Canada Post to your indicated home mailing address a paper confirmation of your registration. You can also check online on myCentennial at for your current student transcript and records.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q) I am having technical difficulties using the on-line registration system (e.g. receiving error messages or having problems accessing the service). Who do I call?

A) Contact the Helpdesk at 416-289-5280 or contact our Help Desk

Q) I am having problems making my payment and registering for a particular course. What do I do?

A) Contact Enrolment Services at 416-289-5300 or fax all your information to 416-289-5279

Q) I have registered in my course, but the course description indicates that there is a prerequisite. How do I prove that I have completed the prerequisite?

A) If you completed the course at another college or university or hold the required certification for the course, e.g., CPR certificate, bring your official transcript/certificate to the first class. It is your responsibility to ensure that you have the necessary prerequisites prior to registration. Without the necessary course requirements, you may be asked to withdraw, with the risk of academic and/or financial penalty.

Q) I have completed the prerequisite for the course, but the system won't let me enroll.

A) Please contact Enrolment Services for further instructions at 416-289-5300. In such a case, you will have to provide proof that you have the prerequisite before enrolling in the course.

Q) How do I find out which day my course is being taught on? 

A) Click here and search by course. After you have registered, you can check your timetable, grades and student record online at myCentennial.

Q) There is no room number indicated on my timetable. How do I find out where my class will be held?

A) The campus information has been provided. On the first night of class, call 416-289-5207. If available, the room number may also be on your timetable or myCentennial.

Q) I think I've already got the experience through work for the first (or more) courses in the program I'm interested in. Is it possible to receive credit for my experience?

A) Yes, it is possible. You will need to apply for Prior Learning and Assessment Recognition for your course and supply sufficient documentation to allow for an assessment to be made. A knowledgeable instructor in the subject matter area will review your request and make a decision. The applications are made on a 'per course basis' and are available through Enrolment Services at all Centennial campuses. There is a fee for this service.

Q) I have completed studies at another university or college. Will Centennial give me credit for any of those courses?

A) Yes, this is possible. You will need to apply for transfer credit using a form available through Enrolment Services. The applications are made on a 'per course basis' and are available through Enrolment Services at all Centennial campuses. There is no fee for this service. Assessments are made on the evaluation of your official transcripts and detailed course descriptions from your other postsecondary school. You will need to provide these with your application.

Q) Is parking available at the College? How much does it cost?

A) As of May 2005, parking in evenings and weekends is included in Part-time learner fees. However at our Morningside Campus, parking is owned by U of T Scarborough and, although subsidized, costs $5.00 per evening/weekend. For details contact Campus security at 416-289-5000 ext. 2656 or Enrolment Services at 416-289-5300. For campus locations, see

Top Questions

How will I know my registration has been accepted?

You will get a return email within 2 business days to either confirm your registration, or to tell you why not.

Will I get a paper confirmation?

No. Your timetable and college information is available on-line. Please note it may take up to 24 hours for your information to be updated. Use your Centennial College Student Identification number to confirm your registration through myCentennial at If you have problems with myCentennial, call the helpdesk at 416-289-5280 or contact our Help Desk.

How do I change my registration? (add/drop/withdraw courses)

Please call Enrolment Services at (416) 289-5300, fax to (416) 289-5279, or visit any campus enrolment services location -

No room is listed; how do I find out where my class is being held?

Rooms are normally not posted until the day/night of the class. You can check your timetable online at myCentennial or call Part-time Learning at 416-289-5207.

How do I find my campus?

Go to If you have a print Part-time Learning calendar, see the outside back cover for a map.

Who's in charge of my course?

Check our Continuing Education studies directory at, or email

How else can I contact Enrolment Services?

To register by phone, call (416) 289-5300 or fax 416-289-5279. Our Enrolment Services area is staffed 9:00 am to 4:30 pm weekdays. More information is at

If you can't find the answer you're looking for, please contact us. We would really like to hear what you have to say about online registration at Centennial College. Please send us an e-mail at Thank you!

All prices in Canadian dollars for Canadian residents. If you are an international student, please email


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