Microsoft PowerPoint-Comprehensive CEMS-986

Course Name: Microsoft PowerPoint-Comprehensive
Course Number: CEMS-986
Category: Distance Learning
Description Microsoft PowerPoint follows a structured tutorial approach that includes case-oriented, problem solving exercises to familiarize you with this powerful presentation software.

By examining topics such as preparing a PowerPoint presentation, modifying a presentation and using Help, formatting slides, adding visual appeal and animation to presentations, sharing and connecting data, linking and embedding objects and files, and more, you will be prepared for the Microsoft PowerPoint Comprehensive certification exam.

The comprehensive coverage of Microsoft PowerPoint includes the use of assignments, quizzes and class participation, along with a mid-term and comprehensive final exam.

The course will ensure you are skilled in:

Analyzing, synthesizing and evaluating school, work or home situations, and using presentation software to complete information-processing tasks efficiently and effectively;
Creating, designing and producing professional presentations using basic presentation software;
Composing original text and edit information using online writing tools, reference tools, spelling and grammar checkers, and search-and-replace functions;
Utilizing design options for formatting and layout;
Creating and imbedding other objects;
Developing strategies for working with multiple presentations and techniques for using templates and pre-designed styles.
Notes This course is offered in Distance Online format only.

Please email or visit or call 46-289-5000 Extension 2555
Associated Programs
7032 - Office Bookkeeping
7046 - Microsoft Office Application Support
No Prerequisites required for this course
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