Urban Agriculture: Bees and Gardens MCCU-306

Course Name: Urban Agriculture: Bees and Gardens
Course Number: MCCU-306
Category: Hospitality
Description This course will teach the basic understanding of the history and current state of bees and beekeeping around the world and benefits of becoming a beekeeper. Bees and gardens go hand in hand. The urban agriculture component is centered around how plants grow, their functions within their environment, plant types, and hardiness. We will take a look at growing zones so you can plan your garden properly creating a beautiful and productive space that may include bee hives. This virtual and video rich course will include honey tastings and honey types. A basic understanding of irrigation/ watering techniques, soil management, propagation, fertilization, pruning, weeding and pest and disease control.
Associated Programs
7061 - Culinary: Back to Basics
No Prerequisites required for this course
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