MLPAO/CSMLS Prep (Medical Laboratory Technician)  MLTP-100

Course Name: MLPAO/CSMLS Prep (Medical Laboratory Technician)
Course Number: MLTP-100
Category: Health Professionals
Description This workshop is intended for MLA/Ts who have previously gone through a training program and are studying for the Medical Laboratory Professionals Association of Ontario (MLPAO) or CSMLS MLA/T Certification Examination.

Review includes:
Up to 600 multiple choice questions
Condensed review notes to help you prepare for the actual exam.
Explanation of the question structure and the best ways to answer them
Lab safety and employees responsibility
Laboratory equipment and QC
Specimen procurement, phlebotomy and pre-analytic processes
Standard of Practice
and much more
Notes IMPORTANT NOTICE: For the foreseeable future,this course offerings, will be delivered in a Teaching at a Distance format. Teaching at a Distance means you learn in a virtual classroom, in real time, with a live instructor. This is not a lab course, and is very conducive to being delivered in this format. You will require a computer with internet access, camera and microphone. Students who have previously taken this course in this delivery format, expressed a high level of satisfaction with their learning experience.

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No Prerequisites required for this course
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