Family Centered Nursing NUPD-706

Course Name: Family Centered Nursing
Course Number: NUPD-706
Category: Health Professionals
Description This course will discuss issues and trends as it focuses on the care of the childbearing women and their families through all stages of pregnancy and childbirth. A comprehensive approach to the issues and trends surrounding the care of the childbearing family will be discussed.

Issues and trends such as changes in the health care delivery system and childbirth practices, changes in family structure and support, cultural context of the family and vulnerable populations, impact of legal and ethical issues, health promotion and prevention, and identifications of populations at risk will be discussed. Explored and presented current research findings and community supports will be used to support and promote evidence based practice for the care of the women and their families throughout the childbearing phase of the life cycle.
Associated Programs
7993 - RPN to BScN Bridging to University Program Online Hybrid
No Prerequisites required for this course
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