Mental Health and Crisis Management NUPD-731

Course Name: Mental Health and Crisis Management
Course Number: NUPD-731
Category: Health Professionals
Description This course will examine issues and concepts in the specialized area of psychiatric and mental health nursing and will focus on the promotion of mental health and the care of clients experiencing mental health problems and mental disorders. The course will reflect eh Canadian Standards of Mental Health Nursing Practice. This course will utilize theoretical concepts and build on the knowledge and skills of the student in the care of the client, families and the community with psychological disorders, and in the nursing management of specific disorders. The concepts of primary and secondary prevention of mental illness will be explored. Additional focus is placed on tertiary prevention of mental illness, treatment of the person with severe and persistent mental illness. A unique aspect of this course is to introduce students to the issues and perspectives of special populations including those who have traditionally been under-served or inappropriately serviced. The student will have an opportunity to expand his/her knowledge about rights and responsibilities as they relate to the Ontario Mental Health Act. Complex issues about competency, informed consent and treatment are examined. Lastly, the student will examine how the nurse applies knowledge of epidemiology in the care of the mentally ill.
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7993 - RPN to BScN Bridging to University Program Online Hybrid
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