IP network routing and security CCTC-611

Course Name: IP network routing and security
Course Number: CCTC-611
Category: Information Technology & Computers
Description Providing core concepts of routing protocols and its differences with static routing. Explaining different components of routing table in details. Understanding usage of dynamic routing protocols versus static routing. Then it will move to determine how a router decide to packet forwarding and configuration of High Availability. This course will end with security topics and fundamentals which are new in CCNA exam. This section will start with definition of security concepts and security program elements. Then will continue with securing network access from local machine to a remote site, securing different networking protocols and WLAN environment
Notes Prerequisite : CCTC-610 Network fundamentals

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Associated Programs
7019 - Computer A+ Plus CCNA Routing and Switching
1--- - CCNA Routing and Switching Series
Requires the following prerequisite(s):

CCTC-610 - Network fundamentals

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