Adults with Learning Disabilities (Online) CEID-043

Course Name: Adults with Learning Disabilities (Online)
Course Number: CEID-043
Category: Teacher Trainer of Adults
Description This online course provides insight into the abilities, needs and issues of adults with learning disabilities (LD) in an educational or training setting, and society as a whole. You will gain general knowledge and awareness of the various exceptionalities with a primary focus on understanding adults with LD. Strategies and skills are explored so that you can provide appropriate modifications and accommodations to course content, delivery and evaluation, to ensure that all learners have an opportunity to be successful.

Associated Programs
7377 - Teaching and Learning in Higher Education
Prerequisites: Foundations of Teaching and Learning CEID-001, Instructional Methodologies and Assessment CEID-002, Applications of Instructional Techniques CEID-003 or equivalent, or teaching/training experience. Requirement: E-mail/Internet ability and access.
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