Professional Communication within a Health Care Context 1 (ESL) ENGL-125

Course Name: Professional Communication within a Health Care Context 1 (ESL)
Course Number: ENGL-125
Category: English
Description Course Description
This course allows students to review and practice core language skills using real-life materials and situations within a health care context. This course is offered as a micro-credential or a co-requisite course so that students will have the opportunity to apply the knowledge about language form and structure to genuine situations and contexts. This health-related, theme-based, communicative course will be delivered integrating the four skill areas.

The minimum final grade requirement of this course is a C.

Course Learning Outcomes
The student will reliably demonstrate the ability to:
1. listen to and reproduce pre-recorded information (5-7 details) and follow (1-5 minute) health-related instructions and directions from authentic listening contexts;
2. summarize factual details and inferred meanings, and identify tone in work-related directives and requests;
3. describe, report or narrate health-related information;
4. take part in simple discussions using health-related vocabulary and idioms;
5. decode procedures, descriptions and vocabulary in a one-to-three page moderately complex text;
6. accurately record simple information (5-8 points) received orally or visually, and write short descriptions of health-related issues; and
7. complete a variety of simple forms in written or electronic format.

Evaluation Scheme
1. Speaking Assignment 1: Pair presentations in which students summarize information, present it to the class, and answer questions related to their topic.
2. Listening Assignment 1: A take-home assignment in which students watch a health-related video and summarize and record specific information.
3. Reading & Writing Assignment 1: Students read an authentic health-related text and answer comprehension and vocabulary questions in class.
4. Listening & Speaking Assignment 2 - Mid Term Evaluation: Group presentations in which students synthesize health-related information and present it to the class. The audience records specific information during the presentation.
5. Reading & Writing Assignment 2: Students read a health-related text, summarize the information into a form, and answer comprehension and vocabulary questions in class.
6. Listening Assignment : Students watch an authentic, instructional, health-related video and record specific information into forms and written answers.
7. Reading & Writing Assignment 3: A take-home assignment in which students read and listen to a health-related text/video and summarize the information into poster form.
8. Portfolio Assignment: An out of class assignment in which students interview subjects on a health-related topic while taking notes; summarize the information into a paragraph; and write a self-reflection piece on the portfolio process.
Notes Use of Dictionaries
Any dictionary (hard copy or electronic) may be used in regular class work.
English-Additional Language (e.g. English-Chinese) or Additional Language-English (e.g. Russian-English) dictionaries may be used in regular class work.
Dictionaries may be used in tests and examinations, or in portions of tests and examinations, as long as they are non-electronic (not capable of storing information) and hard copy (reviewed by the invigilator to ensure notes are not incorporated that would
affect test or examination integrity).
Associated Programs
Requires the following prerequisite(s):

COMM-141 - Essential English Skills (ESL)
The prequisite(s) for this course are mandatory. You must meet this requirements before you will be able to register.
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