Field Placement 2 SSWR-402

Course Name: Field Placement 2
Course Number: SSWR-402
Category: Community Services
Description This course builds on the experience gained in SSWR304 - Field Placement 1. Moving from 2 days per week in Semester 3, to 4 days per week in the final semester (Semester 4), students will demonstrate their advanced competency to practice as a Social Service Worker upon graduation. Students are provided an opportunity to take more of a leadership role in the agency, including more direct client contact (individual and/or group). Students are expected to engage as professionals in training, meeting more advanced practice goals and participating in the activities of the agency with staff and clients.

Course Learning Outcomes:

1.Construct and negotiate with Agency Field Supervisor a learning contract that sets appropriate learning goals, integrating SSW program guidelines and standards while meeting the service needs of the agency.
2.Collaborate with staff to support agency clients, including special populations and agency programs and/or services.
3.Demonstrate compliance with, and integration of, agency policies, procedures, protocols and expectations in day-to-day practice with clients and staff.
4.Demonstrate professional and effective communication skills.
5.Manage and use the information provided in the SSW Field Placement Manual .
6.Modify practice to reflect integration of ongoing feedback from Agency Field Supervisor and College Field Supervisor.
7.Examine and adhere to the standards of practice and code of ethics as a Social Service Worker.
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