Corporate Finance 1 ACCT-224

Course Name: Corporate Finance 1
Course Number: ACCT-224
Category: Accounting
Description The focus of Corporate Finance, an introductory course in financial management, will be on profit-seeking organizations.

A major objective of the offering will be the development of analytical and decision-making skills in finance through the use of theory questions and practical problems. Many of the problems and/or assignments will require the application of an electronic spreadsheet program such as Excel. Other methods of learning will include online assignments, tests and a final exam.

The training you will receive in Corporate Finance 1 will allow you to:

•Examine the goals and functions of financial management;
•Prepare statements of free cash flows;
•Analyze financial statements and describe the economic health of a company;
•Calculate and interpret financial ratios;
•Prepare pro-forma financial statements and highlight the benefits of financial forecasting;
•Prepare various types of budgets and explain their applications;
•Evaluate the financial implications of working capital management;
•Execute various strategies for effective management of current assets;
•Determine the form and amount of short-term financing that best suits a given corporate need, based on historical and projected analysis;
•Determine the value for bonds, preferred stock and common stock.
Notes This course is offered in-class, blended (part in-class/part online), online and in a printbased format.

Blended Format Sections are:

The blended format (see sections detail listed above - include online learning and scheduled in-class meetings at Progress Campus.) In class dates - to be advised.

Associated Programs
Requires the following prerequisite(s):

ACCT-112 - Financial Accounting 1
Or permission of department
And a basic knowledge of Excel or Lotus spreadsheet applications is required.
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