Accounting Information Systems ACCT-257

Course Name: Accounting Information Systems
Course Number: ACCT-257
Category: Accounting
Description As a student in Accounting Information Systems 1, you will obtain basic knowledge of information systems that will enable you to examine business processes.

The class will include assignments, quizzes, group presentations, a mid-term and a final comprehensive exam that will focus on information and document flows, internal control, business processes, analysis design and development of accounting systems, and using databases.

With the knowledge you gain in Accounting Information Systems 1, you will be able to reliably demonstrate the ability to:

•Describe key issues associated with the application of information systems for the accounting function in business organizations;
•Apply systems techniques to analyze, design and document systems and subsystems relationships;
•Explain the use of the Internet, intranets and e-commerce technology in business practices, and the related systems control requirements;
•Classify the key aspects of information security systems and how they are used to thwart the risks and threats associated with business processes;
•Analyze core business practices and processing systems, and understand how they are implemented and controlled in Accounting Information Systems (AIS);
•Explain the systems planning and analysis lifecycle -- the development, implementation, operation and management of AIS.
Notes Required course for the following outside certification:
Available in the in-class and online formats.
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Requires the following prerequisite(s):

ACCT-112 - Financial Accounting 1
Or permission of department
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