Computers in Education CEED-201

Course Name: Computers in Education
Course Number: CEED-201
Category: Distance Learning
Description You will gain microcomputer skills for your own benefit, and to help you improve your computer knowledge, particularly to access and learn other curricula. You will learn how to modify and adapt your methods for students with exceptionalities.

Notes Co-requisite: Orientation to Schools and the Assistant Role and Seminars - Level 1 CEED-107
Associated Programs
7374 - Education Support
Requires the following prerequisite(s):

CEED-107 - Orientation to Schools and the Assistant Role 1 -Placement Prep
The prerequisite(s) listed above are mandatory for registration. You will be asked to produce proof of qualification on the first day of class
Students registering in this course should have access through an elementary or secondary school site to the Ministry of Education educational software because they are required to make an on-site visit and "use" the software. Skill in word processing; data management; Internet; and basic Excel.
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