Child and Youth Care - Part-Time 1205

Program Name Child and Youth Care - Part-Time
Program Number 1205
Description Professional child and youth care practitioners enhance the growth and development of children, youth and their families within a range of therapeutic contexts.

Students will learn the principles, philosophies and characteristics of relational child and youth care practice such as co-creating relationships, working developmentally and understanding professional boundaries.

Upon successful completion of the three levels outlined below, you will receive a Child and Youth Care diploma and be fully recognized in the field as a qualified professional.

The program may be taken full time, part time or, if you are currently working in the field, through a government-funded apprenticeship program.

For further details, please click on the link below, or contact Colleen Kamps, at 416-289-5000, ext. 2050, or

Notes 1. Minimum C grade is required for all CYCP courses
2. All field placements require updated Vulnerable Sector Screening and medical clearance. Due to the duration of the process to obtain the Vulnerable Police Screening documents, students are advised to contact the program coordinator at least 3 months before the start of placement.
3. For those students who may already be working in the helping field, please refer to the Apprenticeship Program web page
Contact Telephone 416-289-5000, ext. 2050
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Mandatory Courses

Completion Requirements:

Model Route
Year 1

CYCP-112 Foundations in Child and Youth Care
CYCP-113 Child and Adolescent Mental Health 1
CYCP-102 Counselling and Communication Skills
CYCP-114 Preparation for Professional Practice (CYWP-114 equivalent)
CYCP-104 Child Development (CYWP-104 equivalent)
COMM-160/161 College Communications 1
GNED General Education Elective
CYCP-105 Field Practicum 1 (30 days)
CYCP-106 Reflective Practice 1
CYCP-115 Strength-based Practices
CYCP-116 Child and Adolescent Mental Health 2
CYCP-117 Group Dynamics: Processes and Development
CYCP-118 Adolescent Development (CYWP-104 equivalent)
COMM-170/171 College Communications 2

Note: Level 1 courses must be completed before taking Field and Seminar 1

Year 2

CYCP-201---Multimodal Therapies in CYW
CYCP-210---Child and Adolescent Mental Health 3
CYCP-211---Introduction to the Family
CYCP-212---Advocacy Law in Children's Mental Health
CYCP-213---Group Dynamics: Theory & Practice
CYCP-215---Professional Recording
GNED-500---Global Citizenship : From Social Analysis to Social Action
CYCP-206*---Field 2 (60 days)
CYCP-207*---Integrative Field Seminar 2
CYCP-214---Working with Traumatized Children and Youth
*Level 2 courses must be completed before taking Field and Seminar 2

Year 3

CYCP-301 Field Practicum 3 Specialized - Part 1
CYCP-302 Reflective Practice 3 - Part 1
CYCP-303 Child Abuse
CYCP-304 Advanced Counselling Skills
CYCP-311 Evidence-Based Practices 1
CYCP-306 Field Practicum 3 Specialized - Part 2
CYCP-307 Reflective Practice 3 - Part 2
CYCP-312 Crisis Theory & Interventions
CYCP-313 Working with Families
CYCP-314 Evidence-Based Practices 2
GNED General Education Elective

*Level 3 courses must be completed before taking Field and Seminar 3
Course Code Course Name
CYCP-104 Child Development
CYCP-112 Foundations In Child And Youth Care
CYCP-118 Adolescent Development
CYCP-201 Counselling Theories And Practice
CYCP-212 Advocacy And Children's Rights
CYCP-303 Child Abuse
CYCP-304 Advanced Counselling Skills

Elective Courses

Course Code Course Name
There are no elective courses currently associated with this program.