Data Fluency for Communicators 7072

Program Name Data Fluency for Communicators
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Program Number 7072
Description We consume data from the moment we wake up to the time we go to sleep. For example, the bed we sleep on has dimensions, price, design, production, packaging, promotion. In our work life, we encounter data when we login to the work systems, or make or receive calls to customers or use our computers. But are we fluent enough to be able understand, interpret, and present data to anyone in our teams or company? Are we fluent with data?
Today, a basic fluency with data is a skill that every employee in an organization is required to have just as we are fluent in the language we speak. Whether we are a self- employed entrepreneur, Startup or an individual looking to increase our personal profile, we make decisions about data--at the individual, team, department or organization levels, no matter the industry. Data fluency makes people critical consumers and users of data in work environments, a skill that employers look for as they upskill their workforce to create a more data fluent corporate culture.
Data fluency for communicators is a three-course micro-credential program that takes you from the fundamentals of data fluency to crucial skills necessary to draw insights data from your personal or organizational websites and social media channels serve you. It equips you to make decisions and directions that you need to take in your business.
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