Registered Nurse Critical Care Nursing 7910

Program Name Registered Nurse Critical Care Nursing
Category Health Professionals
Program Number 7910
Description This graduate certificate program is designed to assist the RN in developing the knowledge and skills necessary to provide specialized care for critically ill patients.

This program is offered part-time with an online delivery with in-person labs and in-hospital clinicals that can be completed in up to 2 semesters with a 4-week consolidation following. Content is online, and facilitated by a teacher.
Admission Current Certificate of Registration from the College of Nurses of Ontario
Notes Courses are blended with online and in-person lab delivery

The program has 2 clinical placements: the first will be 120 hours (3 weeks at 40 hours per week) and your consolidation after all theory courses are completed will be 160 hours (4 weeks at 40 hours per week).
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Elective Courses

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There are no elective courses currently associated with this program.