Medical Device Reprocessing  7920

Program Name Medical Device Reprocessing
Category Health Professionals
Program Number 7920
Description This certificate program prepares individuals to work in Medical Device Reprocessing Departments in hospitals and specialty surgical clinics. You will learn the theory and principles of microbiology, infection control, surgical instrument preparation, packaging, and various sterilization and disinfection methods. You are expected to be able to routinely lift heavy items, stand for long periods, understand written and oral instructions, and practice health and safety protocols. Applicants may not register online for the program. All potential students MUST download the Information/Application package, submit the application and receive an Offer to Register from the program supervisor before being eligible to register in the program.


1) Before starting your application, please review the student program handbook by copying and pasting the link below:

Program Booklet:

2) Please download and complete the program application form by copying the link below:

Application Form:

3) Completed program application form along with the supporting documents mentioned in the student program handbook are to be emailed to:

4) Courses need to be taken in the order of the program delivery to meet the course prerequisite as described in the student program handbook starting with MDRP-110

NOTE: Applicants must complete an application package and receive an offer letter in order to register into this program.

CONTACT: Janice Rasmussen -

The cost for the program is approximately $2500.00. The length of the program is approximately 9-10 months.

There are 3 intakes for this program:

September - Monday and Wednesday evenings (6:30-9:30 pm). Students can expect to complete the program in late July.

November - Saturdays (8:30 am-3:30 pm). Students can expect to complete the program in late August.

January - Tuesday and Thursday evenings (6:30-9:30 pm). Students can expect to complete the program in late October.

Courses are held at the Morningside campus with the exception of some classes that are conducted online and MDRP-115 which is a clinical placement held in a hospital or clinical setting for 4 weeks (full time).

1) Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) or equivalent, or mature student status (19 years or older)

2)English Grade 12 B or U (minimum 70%), or equivalent

3) English Language Proficiency

Please copy and paste the link below for a list of acceptable supporting documents for English Language Proficiency:

Applicants opting to write the admission test must call the Enrollment Services Office at 416-289-5300 to receive a student number in order to book the assessment test online. Please use the link given below to book the assessment test after you have received your Centennial College Student ID Number:
Notes NOTES:

1. Clinical placement requirements will be sent to you at the start of your course. The requirements include: N95 Mask Fitting; Standard First Aid; Level C CPR; Updated Vaccination including, influenza and COVID 19; Vulnerable Person Police Check.

2. All clinical placement requirements must be completed prior to enrolling in MDRP-114. Clinical placement will take place Monday to Friday for four consecutive weeks for a total of 160 hours.

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