Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) Phase 2  CEEA-200

Course Name: Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) Phase 2
Course Number: CEEA-200
Category: Engineering Technology & Applied Science
Description The course is intended to introduce a full reconnaissance testing program for the completion of the Environmental Site Assessment Phase 2. The focus of this course is the field investigation at contaminated sites to determine the condition of the site. This course is divided into three parts: Intrusive site investigation; Soil/groundwater sampling/monitoring; and synthesis of the site investigation (making decision). The scope of the first part includes: monitoring well installation, site subsurface investigation (log of bore hole preparation), ground penetrating radar survey and groundwater level monitoring (making in-situ flow nets). The second part of the course focuses on sampling methodology which includes: designing a sampling program, sampling techniques, QA /QC protocols, soil and groundwater quality standards. At the end of the course, students will make a decision based on term work: is the potential site clean, or does it require remediation. Learning will be enhanced through student participation in classroom exercises, workshops, group discussion and short presentations.
Notes Prerequisite: Successful completion of Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) Phase 1 CEEA-110

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---1 - Environmental Site Assessment Courses
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CEEA-110 - Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) Phase 1
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