College Communication 2 COMM-170

Course Name: College Communication 2
Course Number: COMM-170
Category: English
Description COMM-170 focuses on the refinement of reading and writing skills. The course emphasizes clear, correct writing based on the process of composing, revising, and editing. It will include a review of sentence structure, grammar, diction, and punctuation. All essays written in the course will be in response to assigned readings. The student will recognize and use a variety of structural and stylistic techniques, analyze audience, purpose, and tone, and develop critical reading and thinking skills.

Notes Contact the School of Advancement - 416-289-5000 Ext. 8041 for information on this course and offerings.
Associated Programs
2006 - Office Administration - Executive (Online)
2308 - Business (Online)
7636 - Art and Design Fundamentals (PTL)
7637 - Communications and Media Fundamentals
Requires the following prerequisite(s):

COMM-160 - College Communications 1
Or permission of department
or based on the score from your assessment.
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