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Program Name Communications and Media Fundamentals
Category Media, Arts and Design
Program Number 7637
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The Communications and Media Fundamentals program at Centennial College is an intensive one-year preparation undertaking. If you are looking for a pathway to pursue further post-secondary education, consider this certificate program, which helps you to develop communication skills while offering an introduction to the communications and media industries.

With guidance from experienced Communications and Media Fundamentals program faculty members and practical application of theory, you obtain the skills necessary for short and long-term success. In this media program's courses, you:

Partake in creative exploration and experimentation with contemporary digital and social media production tools.
Create and maintain a forum in social media networks using rich media applications.
Apply theoretical principles to produce practical and focused written communications and media solutions.
Research and describe media forms, audiences, platforms, and "traditional" and "non-traditional" communication methods.
Use appropriate vocabulary, terminology, basic numeracy and communicative strategies that are necessary for the communications and media environment
Apply developed English language skills to a presentation portfolio.
Write and present in basic narrative formats for a variety of media platforms.
Examine roles and responsibilities of a global citizen in personal and professional contexts.
Examine beliefs, values and behaviours that form individual and community identities and the basis for respectful relationships.
Apply knowledge of communications and media workplaces, environments and practices to develop job search strategies and early career success strategies.
Program Highlights
Upon successful completion of the Communications and Media Fundamentals program, you will receive an offer to one of following programs at Centennial College's School of Communication, Media, Arts and Design:

Three-year advanced diploma Advertising and Marketing Communications Management program
Three-year advanced diploma Journalism program
Three-year advanced diploma Broadcasting and Film program
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