Customer Service: Modern Approach GNED-160

Course Name: Customer Service: Modern Approach
Course Number: GNED-160
Category: General Education
Description All employees provide service to either external or internal customers. This course examines the customer service skills required to succeed in todays business environment. Providing service that consistently exceeds the customers expectations is both challenging and rewarding. This course helps you to learn skills that support your career, your personal growth and your working life.
Notes This course is offered in both CE and Distance Learning formats.

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Associated Programs
7049 - Professional Sales
7032 - Office Bookkeeping
7361 - Office Assistant - Software Specialist
7362 - Legal Office Assistant
7363 - Medical Office Assistant
7373 - Business Management - Sales
7831 - Organizational Dynamics and Leadership
7836 - Quality Control and Standards Maintenance
No Prerequisites required for this course
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