List by Category 


Program Code Program Name
7521 Compliance Management
7503 Payroll Compliance Practitioner
7200 Human Resources Management
7073 Virtual Office Administration
7070 Digital Retail Specialist
2308 Business (online)
2006 Office Administration - Executive (online)
1420 Cannabis Cultivation And Processing

Community Services

Program Code Program Name
7764 Homeless Shelter Worker Certificate Non Osap Funded
7763 Homeless Shelter Worker Certificate Osap Eligible
7762 Complex Care In Community Services

Distance Learning

Program Code Program Name
7982 Thanatology (death Studies) - A Practical Approach
7934 Ophthalmic Medical Personnel
7836 Quality Control And Standards Maintenance
7831 Organizational Dynamics And Leadership
7390 Cisco Certified Networking Associates (ccna)
7374 Education Support
7373 Business Management - Sales
7372 Quality Assurance
7370 Fundraising
7363 Medical Office Assistant
7362 Legal Office Assistant
7361 Office Assistant - Software Specialist
7360 Professional Writing
7359 Home Inspection
7298 Business Management - International
7284 Business Management - Entrepreneurial
7278 Business Management - Marketing
7172 Retirement Communities Management
7166 Medical Transcriptionist
7165 Criminal Psychology And Behaviour
7158 Translation In The Workplace - English To French
7053 Financial Planning
7049 Professional Sales
7046 Microsoft Office Application Support
7036 General Business Management
7035 Applied Management Studies
7034 Effective Project Management
7032 Office Bookkeeping
6730 Leadership And Inclusion
1835 Event Management
1621 Food Service Worker

Engineering Technology & Applied Science

Program Code Program Name
7146 Quality Control (stream C)
---3 Fire Alarm Systems Courses

Health Professionals

Program Code Program Name
7997 Personal Support Worker - Bridging To Practical Nursing
7993 Rpn To Bscn Bridging To University Program Online Hybrid
7989 Medical Esthetic Practitioner
7945 Rpn Operating Room
7929 Addictions Work: Professional Practice Skills
7920 Medical Device Reprocessing
7910 Registered Nurse Critical Care Nursing
7761 Healthcare Environmental Services Skills
7760 Medical Esthetic Laser Practitioner
7159 Counselling Skills This Program Is Currently Suspended
7094 Rn Perioperative Nursing
---2 Medical Lab Courses
---1 Environmental Site Assessment Courses
---- Mlpao (medical Laboratory Professionals Association Of Ontario) Courses


Program Code Program Name
7067 Hospitality And Tourism: Back To Business
7061 Culinary: Back To Basics

Information Technology & Computers

Program Code Program Name
7045 Business Systems Analysis

Media, Arts and Design

Program Code Program Name
7670 Recording Arts
7637 Communications And Media Fundamentals
7636 Art And Design Fundamentals (ptl)
7085 Practical Communications Skills
7083 Game Prototyping
7082 Applied Digital Graphics
7072 Data Fluency For Communicators
7071 Smartphone Video Production

Teaching and Learning in Higher Education

Program Code Program Name
7377 Teaching And Learning In Higher Education

Teaching English as a Second Language

Program Code Program Name
7381 Teaching English As A Second Language (tesl)
7380 Teaching English As A Second Language (tesl)
7164 Teaching English As A Foreign Language (tefl)


Program Code Program Name
8002 Transportation Parts And Service Operations
8001 Driver Instructor Training
8000 Motorcycle Rider Training
7999 Hybrid/electric Vehicle Certification
7998 Hybrid/electric Bus Certification
7285 Auto Service Advisor Certificate